Kestrel Package

kestrel330To be carried out monthly

General Maintenance

All doors, drawers, fixtures and light fittings etc.
All floor coverings checked to be in good state of repair.
All bathroom fittings checked and tightened if necessary.
All light fixtures checked and lamps replaced as necessary.
All clocks working and set to correct time.
All taps, cisterns, waste traps checked for leaks, washers needing replaced or any general adjustment.


External Maintenance

All outbuildings, fences and gates checked to be in good repair.
Paths will be swept and garden will be cleared of any dog mess/litter.
All windows and doors are checked to ensure in good working order.

Fire Safety

All smoke/heat detectors checked to be in working order and batteries replaced if required.
All fire extinguishing equipment checked to be in working order and replaced if required.
Where applicable appliances will be unplugged from outlets to avoid risk of fire.

Fuel Stocks

We will check your logs, coal, oil and gas levels and let you know if anything is running low.

Audio Visual Equipment

We will check all televisions, DVD and CD players and that corresponding remote controls are working, batteries will be replaced if required.

Guest Brochures

We will provide and update monthly a folder including all local guest amenities and attractions.

Visitor Book Updates

We will check your visitors book and forward any comments made, including any breakages or replacements needed. This will be included in your monthly report, we will also forward any mail received to you.

Invoices will be included in your monthly report for any batteries or lamps replaced or ordered for your property.